The company
Globel Management has been founded by Geert Lobel who, after a career of more than 30 years in senior management positions, realised that more than ever the essence of today’s management is “people business”.
Excellent managers have always been scarce; the current power shift in the labour market allows them now to choose the company they want to work for. This puts the companies under pressure not only to be considered as “an excellent environment to work in”, but also to manage in depth their “human capital” and “human structures”.
Owners of companies, presidents of the board, CEO’ s have a complex task in coordinating, controlling and organising the issues of strategy, organisation and people. An internal HR manager is of course a fundamental part of an organisation, but there is an increasing need at board or CEO level for independent and global support and advice.
Globel Management strives to be the “trusted advisor for human capital”. Just as traditional family offices for wealth management work for a limited number of families, Globel Management works for a restricted number of companies/ owners and has the same characteristics: trusted advisor and provider of support in the coordination and facilitation of the management of human assets, in an independent and global multi-disciplinary way, focusing on the long term objectives of the company.
Of course with strict confidentiality and neutral objectivity.
Globel Management will be an objective “sounding board” for the ultimate decision makers. Decision makers who within their organisation have no or little opportunity to check and balance their vision on strategy, organisation and people, in a confidential, objective way, whilst having confidence that the “sounding board” will not just try to sell them “products”, or will just “sound back”.
The values and remuneration structure ( fixed daily fee, or fee on project basis) of Globel Management reflect the “family office” philosophy.
In addition, if required, Globel Management can coordinate a “sanity check” of external providers ( executive search companies, consultants …), as well as briefings, negotiations, and the follow-up and control of the end-result on behalf of the client in order to defend the clients interests.


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