Values are the stepping stones to determine the way in which we do things and they guide our interpersonal relationships with our clients and senior executives.

The following core values are embedded in our company culture:

  • Ethics and integrity: transparency and high moral standards prevent conflicts of interest and strengthen our reliability at all levels
  • Discretion: we respect both clients and candidates identity. In our profession, discretion is absolute and guaranteed.
  • Neutral and independent attitude: we do not sell “products”. We provide neutral and independent advice and support with the long term interests of the clients and the candidates in mind at all times
  • Professionalism: the highest quality standards will be applied to obtain the best results. Our approach is characterised by pragmatism, a no-nonsense attitude and a high dedication to the client
  • Empathy: making the underlying needs and goals clear and understandable is the first step to success. An independent and open mindset forms one of our core competencies

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